Mint Bar



Opened in 1907.  A gathering place for locals and filled with libations.  And at the Mint Bar who knows how many drinks flowed, how many business deals were agreed upon, how many romances were enthralled and won, and how many spurned, and how many folks wandered in just to spend some time with others and a cold drink?  

During Prohibition the bar became known as the Mint Cigar Company and Soda Shop, but with a clandestine speakeasy run in the back.

The Mint was redecorated in the late 1940’s into the bar that it is today.

With a long wooden bar, it is filled with rustic wood adorned furnishings, from cabinets and booths to Wyoming ranch brands burned into cedar shingles all along the walls.  And there are photographs from other times of cowboys and local folks.  An ornate tin ceiling adds to the ambience of a different era.  And the glassy eyes of numerous game animals watch every move made in the bar.

They say, “see ya at the mint.”  And here the grand old neon sign was captured In The Search For Americana On The Sprocket Rocket……