Last Ride

There is a sadness to a carnival that is empty of laughter and children, no excited running around and shouting.  And where there are no adults to watch and to even enliven a romance as they partake in a ride, and try their hand at games, and eat all of the sweet and forbidden foods that adults are not supposed to eat.  It is a sad silence when the rides sit motionless and the lights are all out, and there is no loud and festive music, and no clattering steel of carefree abandonment.

But without children it is especially so sad and doleful. 

It only adds to the melancholy that the day was overcast and cold.  A gloom of atmosphere and spirit.  And tomorrow the rides will be taken apart.  Tomorrow the colors will be packed away on trailers to be stored in lots where they will sit idle through the oncoming months of coldness. 

And somehow even the colors seem subdued against the cold and grey sky. 

The summer is over, the last ride of the season has already been, the carnival is quiet and desolate, and the joyless scene was captured in Adventures With An Agfa Clack......