Junkyard Growth


The old drill rig isn’t needed for now, all of the water wells are drilled and the customers seem happy.  Besides, the heavy equipment dealer in town has a new rig they want to show and pitch with a price that is reasonable.  So the old rig is parked just a little bit out of the way, and just for a little while.

One day the old utility truck just isn’t needed, it has been leaking a little oil.  It is running a little rough and it’s been making that odd noise when shifting gears.  There is some room next to the old drill rig so it is parked there just for a little while.

The pipe truck threw a rod, so just tow it and put it next to the utility truck, next to the old drill rig that’s just a little bit out of the way.

All intentions are good with each and every vehicle.  As soon as there is some free time that truck is going to be crawled under and over.  And it will be thoroughly diagnosed, the parts will be bought, installed, and it will be running as good as new.  But somehow there never seems to be enough free time.  And then it happens the set aside old reliable stalwarts that always got the job done seem to have suddenly become antiquated, they have been replaced by trucks and equipment that do twice the work and quicker.  The old trucks and rig just sit there and become rustier, and parts are no longer easy to find for them.
It can be blamed on the shortness of life, the ever changing aspects of technology, and enough land to set things aside, and a junkyard can germinate and grow.  If a man is resourceful, blessed with much land and has access to dilapidated, wrecked and broken trucks and cars there are almost no limits to the expansions possible.

And this old drill rig and the trucks are only a small glimpse of a much broader panoramic view of one man’s junkyard, and it was captured In Search Of Americana On The Sprocket Rocket……