Great Coffee Pot In The Sky


It breaks the horizon and can be seen, a sign of a respite ahead for the road weary.  A beacon in the sky, it is a giant coffee pot.

Celebrating 50 years of providing fuel and food and comfort for truck drivers and travelers, the Sapp Brothers opened their first travel center in 1971 in Omaha, Nebraska.

It was four brothers with a strong faith in God, they worked hard through tough times and with teamwork built a truck stop.  Their iconic trademark was a water tower fabricated to look like a coffee pot.  It is said that the spout actually steamed and the percolator light on the top flashed.

What was a vision of establishing a respected and profitable truck stop grew into a chain of now 18 full service travel centers primarily located in the midwest along Interstate 80.  And the brothers went on to build an equally profitable Sapp Brothers Petroleum Company.  The brothers gave much back to the communities and to their loyal employees.  

Always a company of Christian values, there is no alcohol for sale and pornographic magazines are not available at any of the travel centers.  And some of the centers offer church services for truck drivers and travelers.

Sapp Brothers also tout the cleanest restrooms and showering facilities along the highways, going so far as to claim even mom approves of them.

50 years ago four brothers opened up a truck stop.  The signature coffee pots can still be found, and this one was captured In The Search For Americana On The Sprocket Rocket…….