The CB&Q railroad coursed its way through the eastern foothills of the Big Horn Mountains.  The second transcontinental railroad built through Wyoming, this one far north, leading up into Montana.

It is a wide and big bend in the tracks.  And at this location the route has reached a crest through the foothills, from here it will be heading downward, the rails leading ever closer to the Rocky Mountain range.

And at this high spot in the hills, in either direction from this place you can hear the hard pull of diesel engines, but it is long before you can see a train.  And it will be awhile. The ever more powerful and steady drone of the locomotives can be heard for an almost enduring time before a train comes to sight.  And then it will be that the nose of the lead locomotive will come into view, with a white bright headlight and ditch lamps shining.  But it will be awhile as the drone of the locomotives gets ever louder, and this pastoral bend in the route of the old Chicago Burlington and Quincy railroad was captured in The Search For Americana On The Sprocket Rocket as the heavy rolling freight train draws near……